The Five-Step Test to Detect #Fascism

One: military uniform is not a compelling evidence in its own right, but a significant indicator. See if the uniform is mentioned quite often in the national media.

Two: examine society’s thick lines of red. If they further thickening is introduced, add to list of positive indicators.

Third: map the crowds. Once and if major blocks in the society are forwarding in the same direction, crushing ‘minorities’ ability to move anywhere, just add that. Make no mistake: there may be a divide amongst two major blocks, but they aim at the same thing: owning the society.

Fourth: the value of life. When and if a decline in valuing human lives (including safety, well-being and health), you just add as a prime source of indication.

Fifth: the daemons. When the society (or what is being described to represent society voice) enlarges circles of its enemies and that a potential enemy may be anyone at any point in time, in an arbitrary manner- conclude the score/test with ‘POSITIVE’.