Brief Talking Points on Morsi Death Sentence


  • Capital punishment is an absolute punishment that  human rights defenders seek abolishing as being cruel and inhuman. As classical this may sound, but boundaries to discuss capital punishment end there.
  • Morsi trial is an unfair trial, which essentially means that defendant’s due process rights have been violated in what is no less than messy trial (Amnesty emphasize that that he was held for months incommunicado without judicial oversight and that he didn’t have a lawyer to represent him during the investigations).
  • Ease, that judges shown, in recommending death sentence against political opponents, including those who are already dead, show that this body has gone way beyond the mere need to reform, and which needs to completely transform.
  • As one of the defendants, a university professor, Dr. Emad Shaheen, himself has been an advocate to reconciliation in Egypt- sentencing him sends strong message that such reconciliation isn’t desirable by Egypt rulers.