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Bahrain Prosecutor Reopens 2015 Yemen Tweets Case Against Nabeel Rajab

Urgent Update: Bahrain prosecutor reopened a case from 2105 against prominent human rights advocate Nabeel Rajab. The case which was brought against him in April 2105 in relation to tweets he posted about the war in Yemen, was referred today, June 26, to the High Court with session due on July 12. If convicted, Rajab could face up to 10 years in prison. He has been under a travel ban since November 2014.
On 13 June 2016, security force arrested Nabeel Rajab after storming his house and confiscating his mobile and other electronic devices, without giving any justification. Later, 0n 21 June 2016, he was transferred to the Public Prosecution which extended his detention to an additional eight-day period pending investigation over charges related to “publishing and disseminating false information in a bid to undermine the prestige of the state”.
With the reopening of the case of April 2105, Mr. Rajab faces multiple charges which could make him face multiple imprisonment terms.

Please refer to June 23 statement by Arab activists, journalists and groups calling on Bahrain government to release Nabeel Rajab and drop charges against him here