MENA Rights Advocates: Popular Rejection of Trump’s Decisions in US and World is Evidence of Global Citizens’ Choice of Justice and Human Rights

Human rights advocates in Middle East and North Africa salute mass popular mobilization against recent decisions made by new US President Donald Trump, including decision to ban entry of refugees to the US. We also salute faithful positions made by few pillars of the justice system to reject and object to these decisions.

Trump’s decisions have attracted mass waves of rejection and condemnation, inside the US and throughout the world. However, Arab States governments remain unclear on opposing them.

We highly value all positions, by citizens or officials, against the decisions, as they reflect commitment to fundamental principles of coexistence, indiscrimination and justice.

MENA human rights advocates recognize that growing popular denunciation of Trump’s decisions, is a statement from American civil society -and the world’s- that further enshrines human rights values at the heart of global citizens’ interests. It is also a message to resist growing trends to drive the globe to more division and conflict.

We also salute those that oppose discriminating against refugees, or discriminating against individuals because of their race or religion. American people have particularly been on the forefront of opposing discrimination. We call on Arab and Muslim nations to recognize this great standing in support of equality and human rights, by upholding the same principles everywhere and every time people are persecuted or abused because of their race, color or religion. We must fight back against discrimination, persecution and repression everywhere, throughout all times.

We call on you to join us in thanking those who stand for human rights, and in support human rights values.

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